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Come Work With Us!

Sweet Betty's is always accepting applications. So, even if an opening isn't listed below, feel free to download an application, fill it out, and return it to us. We'll keep your application on file until we have an opening, then we'll give you a call.

Job Positions

Here are the positions we currently hold and are accepting applications for. The descriptions give a general overview of what you would be responsible for at Sweet Betty's. There may be more minor tasks you would be responsible for but to keep this brief, they may not be listed below.


While we do not offer any major benefits such as healthcare, retirement, etc. We do offer the following perks as part of the job.

  • All employees receive a 50% discount while working

  • All employees receive a 25% discount any time

    • This extends to family if the employee is dining with them.​

  • Cooks receive a free meal with every shift

Line Cook

Duties include:

  • Performing prep work, making soups, portioning out ingredients for future orders, etc.

  • Running the fryers, salad, and pasta stations

  • Receiving orders from suppliers and stocking the products


Duties include:

  • Greeting customers

  • Taking customer orders

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction

  • Taking orders over the phone

  • Inspecting food at the pass and delivering the food to the customers


Currently, Sweet Betty's is on a shared tip system. We believe that everyone should work together and strive for the best customer service our customers can have. Tips are split among the servers any time a shift change is made. This means, if you are the only one working, all tips go to you until a shift change is made. When a second server clocks in, tips from then on are split between the two servers until another shift change is made, and the process repeats.

Ice Cream Server

Duties include:

  • Taking orders for ice cream related products

  • Scooping ice cream to order

  • Adding toppings

Ice cream servers are paid a full wage. While ice cream servers do get tips, their wage is a standard rate not requiring tips.


Duties include:

  • Washing dishes

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