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For The Love Of Treats

Our mission is to offer a wide variety of treats to all ages, bringing smiles to LeRoy - one scoop at a time. Sweet Betty's is a central gathering place on Main Street where families can enjoy a sweet treat after dinner, old friends can catch up over wine or watch the game with beer & popcorn, or you can discover just how much joy our fresh, handmade sandwiches can bring.


Whatever mood you're in, and whatever you're looking for, we have your treat at Sweet Betty's. 




Until we purchased the building in April 2020, we never knew what the "FLT" on the front of the building stood for - we actually never even noticed it! After doing some digging, we learned the building belonged to the Three Link Fraternity, founded in 1806, which stood for Friendship, Love and Truth.

The fraternity founders were three boat builders, a comedian, and a vocalist - they came to be known as "Odd Fellows." Records state that their meetings were accompanied by merry making and mirth and that the "wares of the tavern were freely indulged." 

Sweet Betty's decided that was still fitting today, but with our own twist on it:


For the Love of Treats


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